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Clair Cowan

Wood hammer strings flesh, Piano trio

Salina Fisher

Coastlines, String quartet, Flute, Clarinet, Harp

Want to take a trip to New Zealand? Short on cash?  Airbnb all booked up? Don’t want to travel the distance? Join us instead for a one evening whirlwind tour of the Kiwi experience! This program offers a glimpse into the topography, culture, and perspective unique to New Zealand. From the moment you walk in, you will be immersed in the sights and sounds of a country that has more sheep than humans and more Kiwis (both bird and human) than Hobbits. Come learn about  people with a humble, but distinctive (and definitely NOT AUSTRALIAN) culture influenced by its blend geographic isolation and amalgamation of its native Maori people as well as the multi-ethnic waves of migrants and British colonization.  


Our Program will consist of music written by New Zealand grown composers, all living, 50 percent of whom are female (not your average composer- no dead European guys here!) Experience the wonderful geographic features of New Zealand in Salina Fisher’s Coastlines, see if you can compare elements of Gareth Farr’s Warriors of Pluto to the traditional Maori Haka and see what some of New Zealand’s finest musicians have to offer. Reception featuring New Zealand pavlova.

John Psathas

Kyoto, Percussion ensemble

Gareth Farr

USA premier of Warriors from Pluto

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